Prayer to Noble Avalokiteshvara

Khenpo Sherab Sangpo taught on November 21, 2020, an excerpt from the practice text called All-Pervading Benefit of Beings—The Meditation and Recitation of the Great Compassionate One by Thangtong Gyalpo. The prayer below is an excerpt from that practice text called The Supplication of Calling with Longing.

Prayer to Noble Avalokiteshvara
Excerpt from the prayer by Thangtong Gyalpo

I pray to you, guru Avalokiteśvara.
I pray to you, deity Avalokiteśvara.
I pray to you, perfect noble Avalokiteśvara.
I pray to you, lord protector Avalokiteśvara.
I pray to you, lord of love Avalokiteśvara.
Great, compassionate Victorious One, please hold us with your compassion.
For numberless beings who wander in endless saṃsāra experiencing unbearable suffering, there is no refuge other than you.
Please bestow the blessing to obtain omniscient buddhahood.

Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hung
oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ

Through this virtue, may I quickly achieve the realization of Avalokiteśvara and may I bring every single being to that same state.

The entire Prayer to Noble Avalokiteśvara from the great siddha Thangtong Gyalpo’s life as bhikṣu Padma Karpo may be found on Lotsawa House. This excerpted version of the prayer may be downloaded as a PDF for practice from our website.


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