Beginning Meditation

37 Stages of Instructions Curriculum

According to the extraordinary key instructions and practices of the lineage masters, it is extremely important for those who wish to practice the Buddha’s teachings to begin by creating a stable foundation for the spiritual path with the preliminary practices (ngöndro) and mind training (lojong). One may then proceed to the other elements of this profound path. Progressing through these levels in a step-by-step manner will bring one to a precise realization of the view of the Great Perfection—the ultimate, true nature of things. The following curriculum is designed to gradually immerse the mind of the student in these contemplative practices. The ten seminars of the 37 Stages of Instructions curriculum guide students through the various stages of the spiritual path. The first seminar contains teachings suitable for practitioners of all spiritual backgrounds. Seminars two through ten are designed for those who have entered the Buddhist path by taking refuge vows and who intend to complete their preliminary practices (ngöndro) under the guidance of Khenpo Sherab Sangpo.


Seminar 1: Foundation

  1. Introduction to the Practice of Meditation
  2. Preparing for a Meditation Session—Oral Instructions of Khenchen Padma Tsewang
  3. Training the Mind in Love, Compassion, and Equanimity—Instructions of Patrul Rinpoche
  4. Cultivating Peace of Mind through the Practice of Mindfulness and Awareness—Instructions of


The powerful benefit of the Mahāyāna lies completely within
Beginning with bodhicitta, doing the main practice without concept,
Concluding by dedicating the merit.
These three a
re the vital points for progressing on the path to liberation.


The Heart of Life Video Series

Khenpo Sherab Sangpo teaches students how to make their precious human life meaningful through guided meditation and teachings on bodhicitta. These eleven videos are suitable for all levels of meditators and for anyone who wishes to develop genuine love, compassion, and a kind heart focused on the happiness and well-being of all living beings.


Guided Meditations

These six videos are the guided meditation portion of The Heart of Life video series.


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