Our Motivation

The words, Bodhicitta Sangha, refer to the sacred Dharma that is the source of both the Buddha and the Sangha. This can also be understood as a kind heart, the root of the path of the Mahāyāna. By relying on this as our method, we can accomplish all the ultimate qualities of the Buddha, such as wisdom, love, and capacity. The kind heart of bodhicitta is therefore an excellent and noble path. When we travel upon it, we will be able to continuously improve our state of mind and our course of action. Pursued by the fortunate, this is the single source of all temporary and lasting happiness.

Lacking this kind heart of bodhicitta, we would not qualify for the Mahāyāna that we find explained in the Buddhist scriptures. It would also be impossible for us to achieve the final stage of unsurpassable buddhahood. This, therefore, is the teaching of the Buddha, and all the noble members of the Sangha who uphold the teachings owe their achievements to this excellent method. This is the unmistaken seed of liberation, the single source of freedom for oneself and others. I therefore request that we take good care of this precious bodhicitta, allowing it to develop and to restore it when necessary.

When the words, Bodhicitta Sangha, are seen, heard, or remembered, they leave a seed of liberation in the mind. Therefore, whoever comes across this name will without doubt awaken to lasting freedom and supreme enlightenment. That this is the case can be proven by means of both scripture and reasoning. I therefore request that this be kept in mind.

Khenpo Sherab Sangpo

September 28, 2007

Our Mission

These days people tend to focus their energies on amassing wealth in a material sense. While this may bring about a certain sense of contentment, the truth of the matter is that we have lost a deep sense of love and compassion, an understanding of the principle of karma, or cause and effect, as well as virtue/vice and right/wrong. This ends up bringing us nothing but fear and discontentment.

For this reason, we need to devote ourselves to that which brings happiness and harmony to all beings. Such methods are to be found in the Buddha’s teachings as explained in the Buddhist scriptures.

To put these teachings into practice, we must begin by receiving explanations and using these instructions to study, contemplate, and meditate. Whatever we understand needs to be used as a method to tame the mind. In other words, we need to transform and correct our attitude.

The happiness and well-being of sentient beings cannot be found outside in the material world. Rather, this depends primarily on how beings conduct themselves; it depends on what we do, say, and think. The Buddha’s teachings are relevant to all forms of life. This is not a system that makes distinctions. We have established Bodhicitta Sangha to enable people to study this extraordinary spiritual tradition, so I offer my heartfelt thanks to all those who aid and support our mission.

Khenpo Sherab Sangpo

Our mission is to make bodhicitta, the precious mind of enlightenment, the basis for all we do. As a spiritual community, we as Bodhicitta Sangha:

  • study with an altruistic attitude the Buddhist teachings as laid out in the progressive stages of the tradition of the lineage gurus, doing so correctly and in such a way that fits our own mental capacity
  • welcome other faithful students who are interested in joining our spiritual community by introducing and explaining the beneficial qualities of the Buddha’s teachings
  • benefit and befriend all students who have entered into spiritual practice by acting with a sense of propriety and conscientiousness
  • create opportunities for students to meet together and to discuss the Buddha’s sacred teachings without any sense of envy or bias
  • study with qualified spiritual teachers by contemplating and meditating on the stainless literary traditions of sūtra and mantra without sectarian bias.

In short, the mission of the Bodhicitta Sangha | Heart of Enlightenment Institute is for each of us to be our own spiritual teacher, constantly working to ensure that our physical, verbal, and mental activities are made meaningful by maintaining mindfulness and awareness. This is extremely important.

Khenpo Sherab Sangpo

Our Logo

An explanation of the symbolism of our logo:

  • the symbol for bodhicitta is the bodhi leaf,
  • the symbol for sangha is the treasury mudra of two hands holding a lotus flower,
  • the symbol for the Nyingma Lineage is the lotus flower,
  • the symbol for ultimate bodhicitta awakening in all beings is the blue color.
Khenpo Sherab Sangpo

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