Bodhicitta Sangha | Heart of Enlightenment Institute is a non-profit organization offering Tibetan Buddhist meditation classes and retreats taught by Khenpo Sherab Sangpo, a professor of Tibetan Buddhism in the Nyingma lineage.

Teachings by Khenpo Sherab Sangpo are open to all who wish to awaken bodhicitta via teachings and meditation practices that generate compassion and loving-kindness for all living beings.

To practice the good heart of love and compassion, there is no need to become a Buddhist. Whoever we are, we need a sincere, non-deceitful, kind heart. If we have it, we will definitely have a happy life and we can powerfully benefit others. The focus of my teachings is to guide my students in developing their bodhicitta, a kind heart filled with love and compassion for all living beings.
Khenpo Sherab Sangpo

Spiritual Director

Visit our teaching schedule page of our website to find registration information for our 2021 public teachings with Khenpo Sherab Sangpo, White Tara Group Practice, Lineage Study Group, and restricted classes with Khenpo Sherab Sangpo for students practicing the 37 Stages of Instructions curriculum.

If you have questions about teachings or our curriculum at Bodhicitta Sangha, refuge vows, or practice interviews with Khenpo Sherab Sangpo, please call Kate Thomas at (651) 647-6767, or email Kate Thomas (Gyurmé Chötso).

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37 Stages of Instructions

Beginning Meditation

PRACTICE RESOURCES for students beginning to learn about meditation and cultivating love and compassion.

Entering the Path

PRACTICE RESOURCES for students who are preparing to enter the Buddhist path by taking refuge vows.

Preliminary Practices

PRACTICE RESOURCES for students who are completing the preliminary practices (ngöndro).

Vajrayana Teachings

PRACTICE RESOURCES for students who are on the path of the Vajrayana and Great Perfection (Dzogchen).
How to Benefit Beings by Patrul Rinpoche

How to Benefit Beings by Patrul Rinpoche

Khenpo Sherab Sangpo, a professor of Tibetan Buddhism in the Nyingma Lineage (, offers essential teachings on Patrül Rinpoché’s criteria for benefitting beings in this series of four retreat videos.

How to Relax the Mind [6]

How to Relax the Mind [6]

Khenpo Sherab Sangpo, a professor of Tibetan Buddhism in the Nyingma Lineage (, offers teachings on how to relax our mind and to recognize its innermost nature through teachings on three types of meditation: 1) renunciation mind to lessen our clinging to permanence (permanent self or phenomena); 2) bodhicitta mind to lessen our selfishness and to increase our great love for all beings; and 3) dzogchen mind to recognize the true nature of mind by cutting the root of our ignorance.

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